I'm a designer+developer in Huntsville, Alabama. I enjoy the complete lifecycle process of building new, innovative technology.
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— Application development experience with PHP, NodeJS, ASP.Net, Ruby on Rails, Python
— Database integration with MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and SQLite
— Framework development with Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, and ASP.Net MVC
— Server management with IIS, Apache, NGINX
— Payment integrations with Paypal, Recurly, and Stripe
— Social media integrations with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+
— Single Sign On integrations with Microsoft, Facebook, Gmail
— Mail and notifications integration with Twilio, Sendgrid, Mailchimp, SMTP server
— Automation with APIs for Office365, Sharepoint, and Outlook
— Analytics integration with Application Insights, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Mixpanel
— Embedded software with C++, C
— FPGA development with VHDL on Intel Stratix, Intel Cyclone, Xilinx Spartan, and Xilinx Virtex platforms
— Embedded development on TI MSP430, Kinetis K20, PowerPC, and Microblaze platforms
— LCD, SPI, I2C, TCP, UDP, MIL-STD-1553, UART, Fixed Point
— Amazon integration using S3, CloudFront, RDS, and EC2
— Azure integration using Cosmos DB, Azure Functions, Blob and Table Storage, Virtual Machine deployments/backups/clones
— Linode and Digital Ocean integration with VMs, storage, load balancers, and cloud firewalls
— Development with Objective-C and Java for iOS and Android platforms
— Cross-platform development for iPod, iPad, iPhone, Android phones, Android tablets
— Hardware integration with camera, accelerometer, microsoft, and GPS inputs
— CMS integration with Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla
— E-commerce integration with Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento
— UI integration with HTML5, CSS3, JQuery
— Responsive design with Bootstrap
— Client side scripting with Javascript, JQuery, Angular, React
— JS integration with HighCharts, Mustache.js, JSGrid, JSTree
— Automated testing with Puppeteer, NodeJS, Headless Chrome
— Certified Scrum Master
— Team workflow integration with Visual Studio Team Services, JIRA, Trello
— Package management with NPM, Composer, NuGet
— Source control with Git, Subversion, Team Foundation Server
— Cross-platform Windows apps
— C#, VB.Net, Python
— Mobile and Desktop Game Development

Previous work

Integrated the back-end and front-end platform for AIM (Academic Investment Matrix). Supported importing student test scores, school expenses, and correlations with ability to do ROI analysis across schools, teachers, grade levels, vendors, etc.
AIM Impact Analysis
Integrated platform to rapidly analyze expense gain/loss drilled down by objectives, schools, and vendors at a school district level.
eROI Requester
Integrated a platform to walk new users through an onboarding process for importing and running data analyses.
OA XRay for Chrome
Worked on the OA XRay extension for doing price shopping in real-time from multiple stores through the browser before buying a product.
OAX ScanEngines Platform
Integrated platform to manage and update parsers for various e-commerce stores in real-time (to do comparative shopping), bug reporting system, and integrated real-time nightly automated test/health monitor for 1000+ e-commerce stores.
SlyPrice Mobile App
Integrated iOS and Android app for using a mobile phone's camera to snap a picture of UPC codes and automatically do price analysis from multiple other stores in real-time.
Integrated the front-end for doing monitoring and reporting of various Microsoft services including Office 365.
Integrated the RentAdvisor platform for searching for users to search and request info for apartments, and for apartment managers to manage their listings and advertising campaigns.
FishNuts Online Store
Developed the Magento based e-commerce site for FishNuts, including design, back-end, and live fish camera feeds.
Nexu Embedded Software
Developed various features for embedded software for an automated cable test device named Nexu, including the ability to do resistance threshold checking, CSV file inputs, LCD interface logic, automated pin identification, and wireless radio communication.
Liveschool Web App
Developed the web-based user onboarding applications for LiveSchool, a system for teachers to incentivize students and students to be rewarded points and prizes for good behavior.
ListedItMyself Website
I did the full redesign of the ListedItMyself.com legacy website, integrating a custom theme in Wordpress with custom PHP plugins for importing legacy user accounts and legacy real estate listings into the Wordpress system.
Integrated the cloud front-end user interface and back-end services for viewing recorded and live security videos from remote surveillance systems. Also integrated the cloud connection client on the remote surveillance systems, as well as the video encoding and multi-vendor camera integrations.
Smartvue S9 App
Integrated the iOS and Android apps for using a phone or tablet to connect and control a local network based surveillance systems as well as the cloud-based Cloudvue platform.
Integrated an enterprise platform for managing multiple groups of surveillance systems, doing real-time monitoring on health of the systems, and running automated maintenance.
Integrated the back-end and front-end platform for RentAdvisor.
CloudVirga Onboarding App
Integrated redesign and whitelabeled brandng for the CloudVirga loan onboarding application.
CloudVirga Loan Application Dashboard
Integrated redesign of various UI components for the CloudVirga loan management application.
Integrated the back-end and iOS and Android applications for the IDenIDog mobile app.
Intellidrops Mobile App
Integrated the back-end and iOS and Android applications for Intellidrops, providing location aware enjoyable learning tasks for children.
Developed an application for property management firm that utilized Zillow and MLS statistics for property investment recommendations and managing rental and sales properties.